valyu wants to enrich the stream of the people. And that holistically. Every customer journey is individual – what counts is the personal benefit. As a human experience agency we design superior holistic customer experiences for all relevant touchpoints of the customer journey. We combine data with design for this. We design value for humans.

Our services

  • data & strategy
  • digital & technology
  • innovation & transformation
  • products and brands
  • content & communication

We use data analytics to examine the customer journey from initial contact to defined conversion. We rely on anonymous data and our own small-data surveys. On the basis of design principles, we then develop a strategy together with our client that is consistently oriented towards user needs.

We design permanently optimized customer interactions across all digital platforms. Technology offers us the opportunity to go beyond communication to better understand the user and inspire people.

We develop and evaluate new products, services or entire business models jointly with our customers using successfully tested innovation methods such as design thinking and the business model canvas. Together with experienced innovation coaches for user-centred design, we guide our customers through challenging transformation processes with confidence.

When we develop a new brand today, we don’t do it in a way that’s creation driven. Instead we first try to find out what purpose the brand is intended to serve so that people include it in their lives. A brand purpose with a clear intention is more important to us than a nice idea. After all, people always want to make progress when they commission a product or a brand to get a job done.

Relevant content is what is needed today to enrich people’s streams. We understand content to be an essential asset of a company. It’s generally not possible for products, brands or services alone to differentiate sufficiently. A coherent purpose, on the other hand, creates the basis for sustainable brand development and valuable differentiation. valyu translates its brand purpose into user-oriented experiences during the entire customer journey.

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