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A significantly improved product with impressive features: This disc deserves more than just a straightforward campaign. That is why we made it part of a movement.

With sales topping €670 million and 4,331 members of staff, Swarovski subsidiary Tyrolit is a market leader in cutting and grinding wheels. And its innovative, new premium discs are a genuine revolution.


A product presentation as innovative and convincing as the discs themselves. The transparent front of the Hypebox functions as a display that cleverly interacts with the products inside. And if you get that right, the result is as exciting as it is here.

A genuine revolution can only come about if it utilises as many channels as possible, in order to spread its message. During the first phase, we employed a teaser landing page and teaser mailing programme.


When it was time to launch, Tyrolution flew its flag at full mast on the website, in print and – as is appropriate for such a movement – during “Guerrilla Marketing” initiatives at retailers and on roadshows.

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Andreas Körber
Senior Strategic Consultant
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