Marke ohne Namen

Developing and implementing an proprietary brand that still sits below the discounter price is a real challenge. After all, this is one of the most competitive segments in retail. But we love challenges!



Our customer real commissioned us with developing and implementing an own brand that would still come in below Aldi and Lidl. And that in addition to its own successful brands including “TiP” and “real Quality”. Challenge accepted!


Bargain-hunting is something of a German pastime. You should also factor in the growing number of people who simply don’t have money to burn. This makes an increasing number of people dependent on cheaper brands. Often, however, they feel a sense of embarrassment to be associated with such a brand. A user problem that we took to heart and that we succeeded in solving for real, with the so-called “brand without a name” (“Marke ohne Namen”) solution. After all, cheap isn’t necessarily the little sister of ugly.


We normally kick things off by thinking about what we need for a new brand. But here, we only focused on what we didn’t need:
No fantastic product images.
No unusual forms.
No colourful disturbers.
Leave the frills. Even a brand name could be left out.
We simply needed a clear signal: Yellow!