Brand Strategy
for a swiss DIY store

Designing the global brand strategy for JUMBO

Own-brand consolidation within the brand architecture in favour of optimised user orientation: 5 selective JUMBO Exclusive Brands on the basis of holistic, creative approaches. The brands list leading products in the respective JUMBO competence category: Do-it, Deco and Garden.

Brand naming, brand story and creative concept are precisely tailored to the needs of users, in order to support sustainable increases in shop floor presence and customer perception skills among staff.


brand portfolio

Store Checks &

Innovation Thinking

In order to ensure the continual optimisation of the customer experience, innovative solutions are developed as part of regular valyu Innovation Days held with JUMBO. We set up comprehensive store checks and employ specialist tools in order to analyse product ranges, creative concepts and communication channels as part of our so-called “own challenge” with the competition.

In order to fully exploit the significant own brand potential in relation to the options available for brand differentiation vis-a-vis the competition and the creation of new value propositions, clearly identifying the five JUMBO Exclusive Brands in store is of critical importance.

We also develop supporting communication channels, exciting brand stories, smart cross-selling ideas and digital solutions.