A new superhero is born!

Our mission

Katrin offers intelligent hygiene solutions for public and commercial lavatories. The brand is part of the Finnish forest industry group Metsä. Katrin has consistently developed her product of folded towels and wanted to launch them with our help. Our job: Establishing and raising awareness in a rather saturated and reserved market.

Mission accepted!

Making of …

The product is called: Non-Stop Folded Towels. This is where we saw our approach to do something new and out of the ordinary. We developed a spokesperson that is as unstoppable as the product. The Unstoppable K! A superheroine (is the female version but just superhero is possible, as well), always on the move on behalf of better hygiene… and informative entertainment.

Simply Marvelous

Of course, a superheroine needs a comic. Here we share the whole story of the new folded towels and how The Unstoppable K is using them to make the world a little cleaner and therefore a better place. Always informative, never boring. Just like the great film adaptation of the original!

Sample Book

Great Cinematic Moment

If you have such a fabulous spokesperson, of course you want to let her speak everywhere. In the sample-presenter, at events, as a life-size display, or as a popular design element on various advertising material.


Display Stand



Und auf sämtlichen Kanälen von der Landingpage bis zur Anzeige in der Fachpresse. Wer so unstoppable ist, kommt natürlich überall gut an.

And on all channels from the landing page to the advertisement in the trade press. Obviously, if you’re that unstoppable, you’ll be well received everywhere.


Mission accomplished.
But don't worry:
I‘ll be back!

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