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The focus of any innovation is always to understand what drives the customer, and to know the problems he or she faces with regard to an existing product or service. People and their needs are the key to success. During tailored workshops we can innovate all business problems, ensuring that the user is always in focus. Depending on the task at hand, we will design a workshop grounded in the concept of Design Thinking, our valyu Business Design model, or as a modern take on the classic brand workshop.

Setting the stage for innovation

In the preliminary phase we will analyse the business problem, in order to determine the proper workshop format. We will also define the workshop setup using our matrix. If, for example, we want to generate empathy for the user (incl. persona modelling) and already have a grasp of the problem, our conceptual work will be based on Design Thinking. Our expansive Design Thinking Team consisting of HPI-certified coaches, facilitators and strategists will be sure to develop the optimal format.

An innovation only becomes market-ready when it creates experiences.

By applying the BUSINESS VALYU DESIGN model, we are able to help our customers gain a holistic view of their value proposition at an early stage within the innovation process. In doing so, aspects of the Human Centered Design process guide us during the brainstorming phase – and within business operating parameters – with the goal of ensuring the optimal combination of value propositions and customer perception. Companies can ensure their own success in future if they are able to generate complete and thoroughly convincing customer experiences.

During this innovation process, all efforts are geared towards connecting the customer’s perspective with the business perspective and the design used for the touchpoints at an early stage. The touchpoints can be found along the entire path taken by the customer, from product perception through to the purchase decision and making the purchase itself, as well as its subsequent use and evaluation. At each touchpoint, different customer and value creation perspectives are in play. The aspect of Human Centered Design, which is what we do above all else, is what we pursue at this point by considering the customer’s own Jobs-To-Be-Done list.

The so-called Jobs-To-Be-Done concept forces us to consider the customer’s perspective with radical ingenuity, repeating the question over and over again: what progress is the customer after, in order for them to take the next step in the process of value creation?

Small Data Analyses

Depending on the task at hand, we conduct small data analyses in either the preliminary or follow-up phase to the workshops. During this process, we conduct in-depth interviews with screened individuals, which we then evaluate as part of a special analysis process, so that we may either gain a deeper understanding of user needs before the workshop, or in order to verify those ideas developed during the workshop.

Prototyping & Testing

Depending on the workshop format plans can already be put in place when designing the valyu Innovation Day for a prototyping phase – followed by a testing phase. This also serves as a great way to visualise the ideas that have been created in each team when the workshop is concluded, at which point they can also be synchronised and subject to brief initial testing. This ultimately leads to specific, visualised results at the end of the day which can be implemented immediately in a best-case scenario.

But in order to really achieve these validated results, we recommend that real users are subsequently integrated into the process. To do so, we offer various forms of prototyping – beginning with Rapid Prototyping through to testing the product’s market viability (MVP, Minimum Viable Product). During this testing phase, and with the help of direct feedback, we allow users to co-design our ideas in the form of prototypes and co-develop solutions.

Such an approach allows us to generate a valid comparison and ensures that our solutions lead to long-term and sustainable success.

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